No-Damage-for-Delay and Owner-Related Dispute Clauses are No Defense to Surety Liability Under Miller Act

Prime Government Contractors - you may need to update your interim payment waivers.

Contractual Fairness is Whatever the Parties’ Agreed

When you know a current action or inaction is wrong, but you do not object, should you be allowed to object later?

Government Contract Claims: When Appeal is Rejection of Settlement

Without a reservation of rights, appealing a Contracting Officer’s Final Decision is a rejection of any offer of payment or settlement included therein.  So, the contractor had only three options.

Keep a Pass-Thru Claim Burning, Don’t Extinguish Liability

Prime contractors, have you ever submitted a subcontractor’s claim to a public owner? Subcontractors, have you ever wanted to submit a claim against the government, but you had no contract with government?

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