Acceptance and Intervening Cause Avoided Construction Warranty Claim

Like cars, computers, and appliances, construction projects include warranties too.  [...]

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Want Your Profit? Prove a Constructive Change, Not a Suspension of Work.

What’s the Difference Between a Suspension of Work and a Constructive Change? For federal contractors, there are two main differences: . . .

How to Find (and Confirm) the Plain Meaning in a Contract

Contract formation confirms the parties understand and agree to all [...]

Government Contract Claims: When Appeal is Rejection of Settlement

Without a reservation of rights, appealing a Contracting Officer’s Final Decision is a rejection of any offer of payment or settlement included therein.  So, the contractor had only three options.

Government Liability for Third-Party Delays

Generally, the Government is not responsible for delays caused by third parties, even other contractors at its own project site, unless the Government affirmatively indicates the site will be ready and available. 

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