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  • Your Contract Can Handle COVID-19
Your Contract Can Handle COVID-19

Uncertainty and risk are not new or novel to contractors.  Contracts reduce uncertainty and share the risk of doing or providing something.  COVID-19 may have contributed to, but it has not single-handedly created, uncertainty and risk. 

  • Jonathan Straw | Partner Kraftson & Caudle | Heavy Construction Law
Taxes Due!

It’s tax season again, so it’s time to pay the piper.

  • Jonathan Straw | Partner Kraftson & Caudle | Heavy Construction Law
Claim Certified with Digital Signature Deemed OK

The law is not a trend-setter.  It doesn’t readily change or adapt to tech.  So, a commonplace practice in business became a dispute when a claimant digitally certified a claim under the Contract Disputes Act.

Heavy Construction Law | Jonathan J. Straw

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Jon Straw, Partner at Kraftson Caudle, PLC in McLean, Va., specializing in heavy highway and transportation construction, is a monthly contributor to Roads & Bridges Magazine. Jon has been writing the law section for the magazine since January of 2020.


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