Construction Contracting Without Relief Clauses During COVID-19

What to do if your contract lacks the parts to handle COVID-19? Considerations for creating new contracts during COVID-19.

Contractors Can Use RFI to Notify the Government

The Board (and the government) should not elevate form over substance in evaluating the sufficiency of a contractor’s notice.

Changes Made After Substantial Completion Did Not Extend Overall Project Time

Contractors take heed – a time extension may be issued [...]

Want Your Profit? Prove a Constructive Change, Not a Suspension of Work.

What’s the Difference Between a Suspension of Work and a Constructive Change? For federal contractors, there are two main differences: . . .

Hide, Seek, & Seek

Have you ever played hide and seek? If you are the seeker, do you win the game when you find the hidden person? Yes, of course! Unless, you’re a government contractor.

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