Barbecue and Construction Contracts

Either Independence Day or the Fourth of July, it’s often celebrated with fireworks, friends, and barbecue.  While you’re enjoying this weekend, you may find yourself discussing what makes the best barbecue: gas, charcoal, or wood; smoking or grilling; sauce and/or dry rub; sweet or spicy; and the like.  (Are you hungry yet?)

Most people have their own idea of what’s necessary for the best barbecue.  Combining ideas of what’s best is the recipe for a mouth-watering result or successful project.  Differing ideas of what’s best often leads to a dispute.  Resolving that dispute depends on what the recipe (the agreement or contract) required.

While barbecue recipes can be short and simple, contracts can be long and complicated.  Fundamentally, though, recipes are very much like contracts: what’s required, how much of each part/ingredient, in what order should they be assembled/added, when, and for how long?

Recipe for a Successful Construction Project

  • Purpose (end-user, goal, and/or need);
  • One each: owner, designer, and contractor (pre-mix (design-build) or mix later (design-bid-build));
  • Adequate Funding;
  • Dash of Legal Advice; and
  • A Fair Amount of Reasonableness.

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