Claim Certified with Digital Signature Deemed OK

The law is not a trend-setter.  It doesn’t readily change or adapt to tech.  So, a commonplace practice in business became a dispute when a claimant digitally certified a claim under the Contract Disputes Act.

2023-02-01T10:54:45-05:00February 6, 2020|

Government Must Review Claims in Good Faith, Not “Conjure Up” a “Baseless Retaliation”

A contracting officer’s review of certified claims submitted in good faith is not intended to be a negotiating game where the agency may deny meritorious claims to gain leverage over the contractor.

2023-02-01T11:00:08-05:00February 12, 2019|

Government Contract Claims: When Appeal is Rejection of Settlement

Without a reservation of rights, appealing a Contracting Officer’s Final Decision is a rejection of any offer of payment or settlement included therein.  So, the contractor had only three options.

2023-02-01T11:06:12-05:00January 30, 2018|

E-mail Signature Not Enough to Certify a Claim

Construction project professionals routinely send e-mails with “signatures,” which typically include the sender’s typewritten name, title, contact information, and/or company logo.  But, this sort of e-mail “signature” is not enough to certify a claim to the Government.

2018-03-07T09:17:15-05:00December 5, 2017|
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